Provost Academy FAQs

Q: What is the Provost Academy?

A: The Provost Academy is an exclusive opportunity for students to get a head start on the learning environment at Pitt through a project-based academic experience. The Provost Academy is intended to set a student up for success in the first year and will take place Sunday, August 11 through Monday, August 19.

Q: Is there a fee or cost to participate?

A: No, the Provost Academy has no participation fee, and meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are also provided during the program Sunday through Sunday. Meal plans (if applicable) will kick in on Monday, August 19.

Q: Why was I (my son/daughter) chosen to participate/how was I (my son/daughter) eligible for this event?

A: The Provost Academy is an invitation-only program for students who have expressed financial need and were awarded the Pitt Success Pell Match, or have identified as a first-generation student.

Q: Can I start the program/move-in during a different day?

A: No, we would like students to participate in all portions of the Provost Academy in order to be able to achieve its goal of orienting and connecting students to all elements of the college transition. All students participating in the Provost Academy must begin on Sunday, August 11 and be available throughout the program until Monday, August 19.

Q: Will I move into my official housing assignment on Sunday, August 11?

A: Yes, students will move directly into their fall term housing assignment (if applicable), on Sunday, August 11.

Q: Do parents attend the Provost Academy events?

A: On Sunday, August 11 we have a Welcome Reception for students and parents after move-in, and then the remainder of the events are designed for students only.

Q: What is the estimated number of incoming freshmen to participate in the Provost Academy?

A: We estimate about 100-200 students will participate.

Q: I searched online but not much came up so I am assuming it's new to Pitt.

A: Yes, this is the inaugural year of the Provost Academy.